Monday, August 30, 2010


Get Ready To Publish

Once you've found your Web host, but before you design your site, decide how you're going to publish your pages to the Web.

Basically, your options are:

* FrontPage extensions
* HTML editor with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) capability
* A standalone FTP program

You have to decide this before you begin designing because the answer may affect your the design and HTML editor choices!

* FrontPage (FP): Special components called WebBots let you create special effects, emulate server-side includes, and process form information. They interact with special software called FrontPage extensions that have to be installed on the server. You can also use FP extensions to transfer files to and from the server as easily as you move files using Windows Explorer.

* HTML editor FTP: HTML editors like HomeSite and Dreamweaver have FTP capability that also makes it easy to transfer files. You can use the mouse to "drag and drop" files between the server and your local machine.

* Standalone FTP Programs: You may have one installed on your machine and just don't realize it because some manufacturers install an FTP program with the operating systems and other software.

There are also many free and paid versions of different programs like WS_FTP available online. For more information, check out our July 2000 Beginner Tip: FTP Basics. It covers the basic terms and discusses different types of FTP programs you can use to transfer files.

Be aware that Front Page extensions don't play well with FTP. When you're using FP extensions, you can't transfer files using FTP. Doing so disables your FP extensions and they don't work until your Web host reinstalls them for you. After a couple of installations, your host may get a little testy about it - and visitors my get annoyed if your forms stop processing correctly.

You're now halfway to an online presence! In Part II, we'll discuss the logistics of uploading and maintaining your Web site.

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